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The Dice Man on Charlie Sheen

Before you ask, yes I am in love with him. It gets really good when he starts talking about Charlie Sheen.


by Bono

submitted August 10th 2011

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haha, i didn't listen to what he said, but wtf is the deal with his fucked-up side-burns and the eye-patch?
7 years ago
you idiot attention whore
7 years ago
just do it, don't talk about it
7 years ago
yeahyeah TWSS
7 years ago
I hope there is nothing wrong with his eye, maybe he's just sporting the eyepatch because he watches too much mucho.
7 years ago
you know its bad when Dice motha fucking CLAY calls you the biggest loser.

haha hes mad cause hes irrelevant and barely ever was.
7 years ago
Ha... Ranting about drugs all while holding a cigarette.
7 years ago
you have no vices mr pudding?
7 years ago
he's an idiot to begin with but he totally lost me when he called 2 & 1/2 men the "greatest sitcom of our time"
7 years ago
Never watched it, not once
7 years ago
I'm pretty close right behind you.
Seinfeld, right
7 years ago
Diceman just says fuck a lot, and embellishes moot points. Charlie Sheen does staircases of cocaine and fucks porn stars for a living. Hmmmmmmm........ Winning.
7 years ago
I love the Diceman, but he's in no position to be calling anyone a loser.
4 years ago
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