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Amazing parent.

Don't be such a sissy as bitch.


by Alec13

submitted August 8th 2011

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What a dumb bitch....pedal harder next time.
7 years ago
That was sorry. Can't even bendover to give the kid a push.
7 years ago
thats why they all fell on their heads being born and have being dropped a copple of times more so whats to get from them nothing good i say!!!
7 years ago
who ever paved that sidewalk deserves a thumbs up
7 years ago
are you retarded? theres a tree right next to it

not to mention if you go to southern california there isnt a single intact piece of pavement or concrete
7 years ago
they spend negative -$43279230 a year on roads here..even less next year.fuck you politishits
7 years ago
Better yet, fuck southern california
7 years ago
i cant argue with you on that...i want out..i was born here and i want the fuck out
7 years ago
one more brain damaged kid for the hood.
7 years ago
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