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Sawlace & Gromit

Yet another trailer mash-up


by Steven_Seagull

submitted August 8th 2011

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how fucking dare they disgrace wallace and gromit with that worthless saw bullshit!
7 years ago
But that might be one saw movie worth going too.
7 years ago
not bad at all.... probably needs a catchier name tho...
7 years ago
cuz.. well.. saw3 is taken..
7 years ago
isnt like 4,5,6, and seven as well? i stopped following the series some time ago.

also, i knew you'd like it, that's why i subbed it.
7 years ago
yea i think its like 6 or 7 now.. the last one i tried to watch basically turns out that jigsaw had an accomplice or some bullshit and it was the guy who 'originally' escaped... he now had books and was super famous being a motivational speaker because of his 'ordeal'...
it was so horrible...
one of the scenes were 2 guys at like a store window (so where they display clothing and shit to the street) with 2 table saws and a girl suspended above them with another saw.... and basically the guys had to choose to either kill the other guy (who of course they were best friends) or the girl (who of course they were both fucking)... and they had to go through the whole thing about her cheating on the one guy and her saying that she loved one of them and the other would get mad... and then she would change her mind based on who was 'winning' the tug o war at the time... it literally was the worst moment in movie history
i fucking hate the saw series so fucking much...
and before anyone says 'saw one was ok'
fuck off
7 years ago
its all shit
7 years ago
saw 1 managed to built 'some' suspense but was utterly ruined by the bad acting and totally moronic 'twist' ending. i gave up after 2 or 3, i don't quite remember, but it was nothing but suckage anyways.
7 years ago
the problem i have with them is they have to dumb it down to like the lowest common denominator
7 years ago
SAW 1 ruled!
7 years ago
i wish you were dead
7 years ago
jcvd suck sweaty bear cock
7 years ago
have you been drinking???
7 years ago
7 years ago
I couldn't even make it all the way through the first one it was so stupid, why the fuch would I watch 6 more?
7 years ago
This could finally make that movie at least bareable to watch this time.
7 years ago
Well I'm not the one following people.
2 years ago
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