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Never (While You Shit)

remember... never while you shit

music videos

by jakemelonez

submitted August 8th 2011

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cuz you're a faggot and an autotune bitch
7 years ago
7 years ago
Anybody can make a video now today, can't they?
7 years ago
pretty much yeah.

just look at that lil rebecca black kid.

or better yet, don't.
7 years ago
by 0:11, it was clear what the joke was. it didn't have to be 3 and a half minutes.
7 years ago
isn't that the same thing your boyfriend said after the first time you guys fucked?
7 years ago
"that's what she said" would have been funnier
7 years ago
::desperately taking notes:: thanks bono!
7 years ago
autotune = gay, this song = gayer, you= ridiculously gay
7 years ago
your insults = ridiculously forced. wait until I say something faggy to make fun of me for it. ask Seagull for advice.
7 years ago
stop shooing the losers my way!!
7 years ago
so yeah, if you guys just pm me your emails i'll make sure to sign you up to my fanclub.
7 years ago
It's fuck-off@mucho.com
7 years ago
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