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The seagull is playing with his nips again..


by Alec13

submitted August 7th 2011

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what a sad fail, he doesn't look anything like me, and he's not even german.

and my nips are way bigger...
7 years ago
anyone who sounds or looks like a Jame Bond villain is German.. fact.
7 years ago
they made a gum commercial about this guy.
7 years ago
were there that many german james bond villains?
7 years ago
blofeld (max von sydow)
goldfinger (gert fröbe)
ourumov (gottfried john)
stamper (götz otto)

just from the top of my head, i'm sure there's more.
7 years ago
i was meaning the actual characters, not the actors. the guy playing goldfinger's english was so bad they had someone else read his lines and dubbed them into the english version of the movie
7 years ago
well my penis is now an innie..
7 years ago
That's not how you spell "erect".
7 years ago
That was slightly disturbing. Why the fuck wasn't he lactating?
7 years ago
if milk came out that would have been an upvote, otherwise this is just weird
7 years ago
And I thought Hitler was a freak.
7 years ago
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