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Floating Through the Veins AMV

Anime - Azumanga Daioh and Kite Song - Mindless Self Indulgence - Stupid Mother Fucker

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by L0RD_QU3S0

submitted August 7th 2011

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Well fuck your faces with a butter knife, this made me laugh
7 years ago
i think the only thing i liked about it was the cats... :(
7 years ago
mew :3
7 years ago
ienjoyed this
7 years ago
YOU would...
7 years ago
For some strange reason, I could turn it off.
7 years ago
this is a giant cock
7 years ago
the Warrioraaaaaaa
* L0RD_QU3S0 pulls on the top ropes. -snarles *
6 years ago
AMV's are so 2003... i remember dl'ing shit like this from kazaa.

3 years ago
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