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Scary Snowman Prank

Freaky the Scary Snowman..... Scaring people... DUH!


by yak

submitted August 6th 2011

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"That's not even snow, you dick"

From the mouth of babes
7 years ago
At 2:06 "I'm going to shoot you" -the police
7 years ago
Why do cops always have to be such dicks?
7 years ago
It runs in their veins.
7 years ago
Maybe a couple of pee stains.
7 years ago
This is brilliant!
7 years ago
Hi Hare : )
7 years ago
She lives!
7 years ago
looks like im going to have to start increasing the rate at which things get featured... we currently have 898 items in 'new'
probably a way to trim the new as well once something gets to a certain level it can be purged by the users if they want
7 years ago
Enema button?
7 years ago
"New" should be moved into archives after 3 days or so. Featuring submissions every hour is tricky because sometimes we have lots of good shit, and other times every submission for a few hours is piss.

Maybe something should become 'featured' once it reaches 10+ upvotes.

I know I'm just a boner but that's my $0.02
7 years ago
lol pretty much
i was thinking a big nuclear icon
7 years ago
er.. i guess radiation.. :P
7 years ago
as long as you're brainstorming on changes, the bar at the bottom of each page doesn't work. About, help, FAQ, etc all link to /new
7 years ago
the thing is... the more used the voting gets (people are still getting used to the new site afterall) the quicker things are going to get to 10 votes... some things hit 5 votes nearly instantly now
first thing im going to do tho is reverse how the new page is showing things
its going to show from highest rating to lowest rating and allow people to filter if they want to list it newest to oldest instead of how it is right now as default newest to oldest... this way itll allow the conversations to more naturally flow to the main page..

right now something that is a few pages back may get featured to the main page (its happened even today) so the conversation kind of gets broken up on it since it was so far back in the 'new'.. this way all of the new will only be the highest ranked things and so submissions will ideally kind of creep their way up by people who care about seeing the 'newest of the new' voting on things.. hopefully users will go into the newest and vote tho.. tahts the important thing
7 years ago
what i think im going to do is make the featuring a little more 'elastic'
the more things posted the quicker things will get featured
the less things get posted the slower
that way it will kind of self regulate...
also i want to start setting up the sub muchos to be really where the filtering to the main page starts to happen.. but we dont have an active enough userbase *quite* yet
by that i mean the trickle will be something like this:
so for example
if someone posts something 'cool'
it first will show up in /cool/new (which it does) as well in /new (which it does)
from there based on how many things have been posted to /cool/new the top one will get featured (so in /cool/hot .. yea yea i couldnt think of anything better)
from there it will take all of our active sub muchos and every hour pick the 'top' one out of all of those and post it to the main page
thats the ideal goal... right now we just dont have the volume, and its one of the reasons why i wanted a smaller section of categories rather than a huge section.. that way things will constantly be getting new posts to them
hope that gives you a bit of an insight on at least what id like to do.... we will see how it goes tho
7 years ago
yes i know nothing on the bottom works yet i figured i could launch the site without that stuff.. since its really mostly either just fluff or very minor at the moment.. this week will be finishing up all that shit as well as rolling out pro
7 years ago
sorry for the walls of text..
7 years ago
im going back to making the new/trending sorting
7 years ago
also gotta get the 'recent comments' updating live so you dont have to keep reloading the page to see new comments.... not sure if that will be a pro feature or not tho...
7 years ago
I'd shell out 5 bucks for that.
7 years ago
That's awesome....
7 years ago
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