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When my submissions hit negative

stop downvoting me :(


by drumrave

submitted August 6th 2011

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When my submissions hit negative
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i guess maybe i should show who is downvoting and upvoting what..thatll likely 'help' :P
6 years ago
That's an invasion of privacy...I'll sue your ass!
6 years ago
have you heard the term 'blood from a stone' ?
well... youd have an easier time getting money from one as well :P
6 years ago
dude, the Stones are fucking loaded, getting money outta, say, keith richards shouldn't be that hard, just jump in front of his car or something...
6 years ago
i'm all for showing who votes what. like the risk of offending anybody would stop a muchoer from voting.
6 years ago
Stop downvoting you?

Stop with the stupid submissions, you whiny bitch.
6 years ago
If only there was a No Smerf button.
6 years ago
He can't help it, he's a ginger.
6 years ago
Urkel? Yak? That hurts, guys.

And fuck you, toolie!
6 years ago
Quit crying you little bitch.
6 years ago
golf crap in tr's general direction
5 years ago
sounds like a bogey
4 years ago
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