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Car Horn Brake Prank

This is what happens when you hook a cars horn up to the brakes to fuck with someone.


by yak

submitted August 5th 2011

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I remember a video of a guy that this happened to and he got in his car and drove it down the road before realizing what happened
7 years ago
Like this one?
7 years ago
no it was filmed from like a 4th story and the guy had no idea what was going on. I'm pretty sure he drove the car off the road as well
7 years ago
I've got one. Take one of those plastic zip ties and wrap it around the drive shaft. It's like a putting baseball card, oh, I mean, it's like putting a pokemon card in the spokes of your bike. The faster you go, the louder the noise.
7 years ago
hahaha, pokemon card, nice try staying current, toolie!

nowadays it's all about "duel masters" cards....

7 years ago
pretty sure pokemon is still played
7 years ago
magic also
7 years ago
jesus, folks, it's not THAT funny...
7 years ago
you had to be there
7 years ago
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