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Crash Carnage

Might be a re-post.


by Stephen

submitted August 4th 2011

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is this disturbed? sounds like them.

and yes im black and i listen to disturbed.
7 years ago
sparkling wiggle
7 years ago
it does say Disturbed and 'indestructible' at the beginning of the vid
7 years ago
Disturbed is the fucking Shit
7 years ago
is A shit you mean...fuckin garbage noise ruined what was an otherwise enjoyable video.
7 years ago
For God's sake, please don't put the driver's seat out first.
7 years ago
Hahahaaa @4:00 americans have fatass race drivers.
7 years ago
first 20 seconds, like they could really see his dumb ass waving the yellow flag thrue all the smoke n wat idiot charges thrue a cloud of smoke like its a natural thing for there to b a shit load of smoke on a race track!!!...you sirs are "DUMMAS"!
7 years ago
to flagman: Ya think?!
7 years ago
4:43 - Cool guys don't look at explosions!
7 years ago
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