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Motorcyle racing accident

head on into steps


by Stephen

submitted August 4th 2011

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holy shit. hes dead
7 years ago
hella dead!!!!
7 years ago
that fucker got chobamd!!!!
7 years ago
ok... doing pro right now
what do you guys want in a pro account..
so far i have this:
- no ads
- badges (teams, etc)
- pro badge on the corner of your posts and on your userprofile page to let people know that you are better than the other feebs
- emotes * yak bla bla bla *
- ability to edit your comments within 1 minute of posting them (although i don't know how to do this quite yet i'll be able to figure it out
- access to the spy page (although this may just be a user ability.. though its going to take quite a lot of energy to make)
- animated gif avatars
- ability to ignore users so you don't see comments from them
- ability to choose from various colors for your posts
- your votes count for 5 peon votes, so you'll be able to have a better call on what actually gets featured
what else do you guys want?
7 years ago
oh yea.. ability to upload fake thumbnails for posts to fake people out
7 years ago
custom coloured user names maybe? different fonts (i'd love to go comic sans on all you guys' asses)? taglines on the userpage? oh and pizza!! i want pro pizza!!
7 years ago
the issue with fonts is not everyone has a specific font.. and not every persons browser supports embedded font downloading.. basically the choices you have when making a site to make it 'compatible' is really just either serif or sans serif... as far as custom colored usernames that is do-able
7 years ago
what about the pizza???

oh hey, and when will be able to fill in our info on the userpages, tha age location etc bullshit i mean? and, like i said, maybe give pro users the possibility to put in a tagline or something like that. oh, another thing, not really for the pro account, but will there be rewards/ achievements? i dunno like "smutmaster" for 100 nsfw uploads or "spam-a-lot" for over 20k comments or similar shit? there's loads of possibilities there and it would be another way for people to compare their e-peen sizes...
7 years ago
yes there is an achievement system planned... as far as what achievements there will be.. thats still up i the air ;)
7 years ago
7 years ago
so, you have no idea yet what the achievements will be, huh?

still, what about the userpages, any chance you ll get on that any time soon?
7 years ago
user pages are kind of the same time im working on pro since some of the features will be tied into that
7 years ago
i see.
7 years ago
How about the ability to delete your own post?
If it's getting down voted or if seagulls mom complains about being on mucho again..
7 years ago
there should be a 1337 achievement for 1337 votes cast
7 years ago
No delete-sees. Also I would be the first to that 1337 achievement and so I should also get a 'first' achievement
7 years ago
the way he has to compensate on here, alecs life must suck pretty goddamn hard...
7 years ago
blah blah blah, you've got me completely figured out..
Can you let the pros delete their posts?
7 years ago
no pros will face their failure and be ridiculed accordingly
7 years ago
'can' and 'will' are two different things
7 years ago
oh hey yak, i got another pro perk you could maybe add; ninja comments! you know, like comments that dont show up in recents or on the spy page or anywhere else, it would be a sleek way to insult people and would make that stupid "last" game people play on some older posts waay more interesting. think about it...
7 years ago
how much $
7 years ago
recover password
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