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Spanish druken beatdown.

big feller gassed em' self out


by Alec13

submitted August 4th 2011

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Fat loserfuck starts with a suckerpunch. Way to "win" a fight.
BTW, what's a druken beatdown?
7 years ago
It doesn't get any lower than that. A sucker punch on someone too drunk to fight.
7 years ago
i didnt know mexicans could call each other nigger too
7 years ago
yeah spigga!
7 years ago
he didn't say nigger he said nigga
7 years ago
Hiya steve.
7 years ago
I guess use of that version of nigga is special.
7 years ago
7 years ago
World star hip hop is the WORST thing to happen to black people since BET or crack. how much you wanna bet WSHH is owned by a white guy. just like BEt FUCK THEM setting us back 20 years a clip
7 years ago
7 years ago
@ morph - i agree w/o reservation about BET

i mean, what?

what were they thinking?
7 years ago
Stop playing the blame game, Morph. That's a pussy move.
7 years ago
If you look at the artist they feature, it's all gimics! "Lil", "Young/Yung". Videos of events that they want the youth to believe is "Hip-Hop". They have taken a lifestyle/art form and raped it, basically.
7 years ago
the man in blue came outta no where!
7 years ago
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