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Movin Like Bernie

I bet everyone remembers this dance at his/her high school prom...

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by ButtFungus

submitted August 4th 2011

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not muchoworthyMagawd
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Not that old, Hahaha! Maybe grade school.
7 years ago
so you're like 12?
7 years ago
Alright, I've never heard/seen this shit either and I am decidedly not 12. Hyperbole is so misplaced these days, but they are literally having seizures.

Incidentally, the plot of the movie Rio is a bunch of animals voiced by niggers who have a war over whether tis more crunk to SING or to DANCE.
7 years ago
Weekend at Bernie's (1989), cuntbag... learn to count. I was 5 when this came out...
7 years ago
wikipedia hath shed light on this. the song/dance was created in 2010 by some piece of shit drum-monkey named I.S.A.
7 years ago
...meaning you could have seen the movie and still been like WTF to this.
7 years ago
wouldn't this be more aimed at the sequel and not the first one?
7 years ago
well I was born in 1989 so weekend at bernies means nothing to me
7 years ago
dude, that means you became a muchoer when you were like 16.

Poor drums never had a chance.
7 years ago
i remember weekend at bernies, but no one was dancing like this at my proms...
7 years ago
I was at university in 1989.
7 years ago
i took a hammer to the berlin wall in 1989.
7 years ago
I was listening to Berlin, hammered in 1989.
7 years ago
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