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Oh shit!

Oh shit...


by Iggy

submitted August 4th 2011

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Yeah!! Bitchslap!!
6 years ago
Don't lend money to people, this is what happens, they end up fucking you up..
4 years ago
why would someone fuck you up for lending them money?
4 years ago
They can fuck you up Psychologically, mentally and emotionally.. I guess you never lend money before. It does not have to be money, it can be anything. Even your wife or girlfriend.
4 years ago
Why would someone fuck you up psychologically for lending them your wife?
4 years ago
I know I lent my wife out once, worst year of my life
4 years ago
Zeke Troll Level: Medium
4 years ago
stop diggin up old posts ya dumb beaner
4 years ago
How am I trolling? They're serious questions
4 years ago
VERY serious
4 years ago
Lending is the parent of Giving..If you are lending shit to someone, might as well give it to them...Example: Hey Zeke can I borrow $100.00 bucks yo?!. Zeke: Yeah sure, here you can have it.
4 years ago
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