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They don't give a fuck.


by LucesDarkness

submitted August 3rd 2011

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Ah damnit.
7 years ago
I think this new submission system is going to result in a lot of reposts.
7 years ago
Also, when did you activate hyperlinks in comments? Makes me happy.
7 years ago
just for mucho posts
and .. yesterday? day before... around 48ish hours or so i think
and yes there will be a lot of reposts.. which i dont really have a problem with.. ideally users will police it as well as mods we set up so it doesnt get TOO bad... im just glad people are submitting things
besides.. for whateve reason my submission didnt get enough votes at the time to get featured.. itll probably be featured soonish based on its points so i dont expect people to have seen it
7 years ago
at least the gif is still here
4 years ago
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