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Tweety in a blender (animal cruelty)

The story is that these idiots demanded that a ringtone website called Jamba, took off the annoying crazy-frog adverts, and that if they wouldnt, that they'd kill "Tweety". but of course Jamba didnt comply so here we have this video of a cute lil birdie getting killed by a bunch of raghead wannabe's


by gbst

submitted July 11th 2005

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You forgot to mention that it was flapping it's wings as it was being placed inside the blender. Honestly, I tell this to everyone I know: It would have brought me more happiness if it was a person instead of an animal. Why? People=shit.
12 years ago
You guys are fucking stupid if they live in America there is no fucking way they would do that with a real chick the animal rights activist would be all over thier asses when ever there are cases of animal cruelty it is reported on the news i and i hear about it all the time however i heard nothing about this and dude they way that bird was situated in there was not even touching the blades and it would not have exploded like that there isnt enough blood in its body you would see it fall basically in half and besides IT WAS FUCKING FUNNY WHY THE HELL DONT YOU IDIOTS SEE ITS FUNNY WHAT ARE YOU VEGIATRIANS? i see the comments about the pig getting its head cut off you people are loling and LMAFO so what the fuck is the differance you dumbasses eat these things when they are older
12 years ago
how can they get arrested for this they are not even in the same fucking country what the hell is the FBI going to do fly over there?
12 years ago
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