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This seems fake

but you be the judge. Turn the volume up cause the audio is just great


by drumrave

submitted August 1st 2011

what do you think? let everyone know!
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bravo drum.. can you find what movie this is from?
7 years ago
I wouldn't have a clue where to start as I don't even know what language that is
7 years ago
sounds like german, possibly austrian.
7 years ago
It's from a shitty movie called Frayed.
7 years ago
i too, think fake, but brutal nonetheless
7 years ago
Mmmm... Blood looks like syrup...
7 years ago
Fake: swelling does not appear that quickly.
7 years ago
They did the same thing/mistake in the movie Irreversible.
6 years ago
Is it really a question if this is fake or not?
6 years ago
pwned bitch
7 years ago
this should be on the second page of points

and with the way the votes are it wouldn't take much to feature this
6 years ago
I like how the camera is "knocked away" at the point where realistic make-up effects would be too difficult/costly.
6 years ago
Basball bat. Fuck you drums
4 years ago
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