by drumrave

submitted August 1st 2011

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I want
not muchoworthyDangerousDug
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explain how a blade of grass grows? seriously?
i'll take his "1 miilion"
7 years ago
No no no, James Randi is the pseudo famous skeptic and he's offering one million dollars to anyone that can prove homeopathy bullshit. This guy is mocking that and asking how grass grows.

Much like Bill O'Reilly asking how tides work to the President of the American Atheist's League or whatever their name is
7 years ago
i dont believe in tides
7 years ago
just like I don't believe in blades of grass
7 years ago
The few hundred million I got outside my fucking house beg to differ.
7 years ago
O'Reilly doesn't know how tides work?
7 years ago
he does not. The guy is a fucking idiot
7 years ago
Upwards - that's how a blade of grass grows.
7 years ago
This is as dumb as Drums shitty comedy routine
2 years ago
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