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Is This the Same Guy?

This has been haunting me. IMDB is no help.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted July 31st 2011

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i dont get it...
7 years ago
The voice on the GEICO guy...the guy under the rock. I heard him, and I thought: "Geez, where have I heard that voice"? and I'm pretty sure it's Little Debo, (or Bobo?)
7 years ago
*watches again*

could be
7 years ago
what is the movie clip?
7 years ago
Nothing But Trouble.
7 years ago
the blob is jogn daveikis....but i couldnt find anything about the man under the rocks name....call geico tomorrow
7 years ago
We're here for ClaudBallz entertainment I think.
7 years ago
It smells like São Paulo.
4 months ago
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