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CN Tower Edgewalk Preview

This made my feet sweat while watching it. If you've never been to the CN Tower... its fucking high up.


by yak

submitted July 30th 2011

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I'll know the workers don't wear those pussy restraints!
And wouldn't want to push the guy in front of you off just for laughs on the video?
And, do you think you'd be dead before you hit the ground if you did fall off?
7 years ago
there are all sorts of informational things at the cn tower about jumping... apparently yea if you jump from the cn tower (if i remember right) the air current of you falling will actually suck you towards the tower and the side of the tower will basically maul you to death well before you ever hit the ground
7 years ago
"maul you to death"...lol
7 years ago
I was thinking more like having a heart attack falling so far.
7 years ago
Kinda reminds me of the Xscream on the Stratosphere. Highly recommend, if you feel like actually shitting your pants.
7 years ago
Been to the CN tower. There is a plexiglass floor at the top. I believe it is 1800 ft or something to that effect
7 years ago
when I went back in 2001, i think, the outside was still covered up and they let you walk around. I guess they are repairing/replacing it. I've also been in the towers of America in San Antonio, seen the tower in Vegas and been to the top of the empire state building and the top of the St louis Arch
7 years ago
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