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nike shoe collection

This is stupid.


by Alec13

submitted July 29th 2011

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I made it to 1:56
7 years ago
0:56 :(
7 years ago
oh neat.. my time skipping script even works with this...
7 years ago
I made it to hey what's up and then it froze, Fuckin you tube!
7 years ago
second time only made it to 2:21 and that was more than enough
7 years ago
I think you can change the term "Sneakerheads" to singular, loser.
7 years ago
I wish he'd put any pair on and walk the fuck off a cliff.
7 years ago
or walk into the middle of traffic
7 years ago
People care this much about shoes?
7 years ago
There is a local radio personallity here that died and they found over 400 pairs of shoes neatly organized in his den, carefully arranged on shelves.
7 years ago
I have 3 pairs of dress shoes. One brown, one black with no laces, and black with laces. I also have a pair of flip flops, one pair of dirty old sneakers and one pair of sneakers for going to the club and what not. All in all I have 6 pairs of shoes if you count flip flops
7 years ago
I only have 2 pairs that I wear, but somehow I've managed to get 3 pairs of dress shoes, and I've never worn them. I think someone gave them to me when their dad died.
7 years ago
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