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Sad commecial.

haha look at his silly faces.


by Alec13

submitted July 29th 2011

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not muchoworthydrumrave
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Oh fuck, where did the subtitles go.
7 years ago
its ok, i still got a good laugh out of it
7 years ago
i'm not sure if the flash embed supports closed captioning or not... the less that youtube gets to fuck with on here the better in my opinion.... the occasional ads are bad enough
7 years ago
So....deaf-mute dad makes fun of his emo-fat daughter? Anyone?
7 years ago
I'm pretty sure it was an ad for cheerios
7 years ago
happy ending then yeah
7 years ago
some stupid fuck needs to learn how to spell
7 years ago
It's funny how Mucho can hit home sometimes.
7 years ago
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