by drumrave

submitted July 28th 2011

what do you think? let everyone know!
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not muchoworthyloslobos
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You do know this was posted like yesterday, right?
7 years ago
nope and I don't care
7 years ago
+2 team downvote
7 years ago
that is one bad thing about the posts going up as soon as you submit them.

Just sayiin...
7 years ago
i disagree actually... this way it proves that user moderation can work... its already got a bunch of -'s because its a recent repost.. which means it wont get featured.. until like every other piece of unfeatured stuff runs out
7 years ago
thats why its important for people to vote up and down things they think are mucho worthy or not... its now the users that not only post but they also now fully have a say in what 'is mucho'
7 years ago
ok ok I yield.

*goes to get another natty and sulks*
7 years ago
I like the users online, just noticed it. I also agree with yak. The new just goes by so quick that you miss a lot of things and I haven't gone back far enough to see this had been posted.
7 years ago
exactly... and the bulk of mucho users i don't think will be checking out the new as much as they will be checking the main page out (i think)
not to say that they wont start checking it out.. but thats a good thing... maybe it will encourage them to also post something too... thats kind of what we want... a site that has more active posters.. we already have users who make great comments, which can't be said about a lot of the other sites similar to us...
i don't really mind 'reposts' as well.. but usually its gotta be some time between them... unlike this one! :P

ill be adding some ui elements in the coming days to hopefully help get more people voting, as well as the system to give you guys who have a lot of mucho rep more 'voting power' than what you currently have as well
7 years ago
I have no power :(
7 years ago
And I'm glad to see the users online too!
7 years ago
yea.. adding the 'recent searches' right now
7 years ago
This is why I go back to my last vote and work my way up.
7 years ago
Why would you record you comute to work?
7 years ago
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