by urkelbot

submitted July 28th 2011

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there are actual videos of this.. that are like... 10x the quality and half the size btw :(
7 years ago
Why are gifs so damn big btw?
7 years ago
because they use gif compression which is maxed out at 256colors (which is why they always look grainy unless you know what you are doing (which is why my avatar doesn't look too bad))
but gif fileformat is ... really really sloppy i mean its one of the first image formats that was widely used for this stuff...
the only good thing about gifs is they can be animated... which is good for being annoying on forums and shit
7 years ago
It's amazing it still survives.
7 years ago
if i was lord of computers i would take it out back and put it down like ole yeller
7 years ago
I've got a rat in a trap in my garden right now.
I think I'll tape it while I shoot it.
What do you think?
7 years ago
I forgot to tape it. First I shot it in the side and it didn't even phase it. But when I went to shoot it again, it tried to bite the end of the barrel. You know what happened next.
7 years ago
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