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Gun Fun

Put the assault rifle down you faggot.


by yak

submitted July 28th 2011

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not muchoworthytoolman961
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His mom's gonna be pissed
7 years ago
when she gets out of rehab
7 years ago
oh you got my comment/post that youtube submissions work now right?
7 years ago
7 years ago
it only takes a youtube url at the moment, i'll be fixing it up soonish (after launch a bit) to take basically any url and scrub it to see if there is a video in at all that it can either download or embed on the site.. same with pictures... and make sure you are submitting a VIDEO btw for it :P.... youll see the submit change
7 years ago
those empty promises... 8(
3 months ago
What do you think MD? Should I implement this feature on MZ just to rub some salt in the wound?
3 months ago
MZ's "worth of web" value should be just about double MS in time for my birthday.

What a gift!

To Bono's continued success! Cheers!
3 months ago
MuchoZucko.com !!!
3 months ago
Or you could just implement comment alerts on the recent comments section. Like mucho has.
3 months ago
Inferior and redundant!

All you have to do is idle in the working chatroom that MuchoZucko.com has, and every minute the latest comment slides into the bar top.
3 months ago
Don't talk to me like I don't know that. It's fucking weird.
3 months ago
Sorry, I thought we were doing an infomercial bit
3 months ago
But Jan, I just can't find a product that cleans grout AND dog weiners!

"I'm glad you brought that up Terry! Introducing... PupTubScrub!"
3 months ago
No, this is not punkass toolman.
7 years ago
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