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Beer Bottle Dominos

I went on a bit of a bender......


by yak

submitted July 28th 2011

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7 years ago
teeming with fruitflies :(
7 years ago
TRM...I just received my bottle of Absynthe from Germany. -Ya, it's probably hype, but the ritual with which you mix and drink intrigues me. I've not done something this complicated since loading mint melting Junior Mints into the ice water in my bong.
Looking forward to violating the green fairy.
7 years ago
Enjoy claude...if it's the real deal...it's a trip.
7 years ago
p.s. If it is the real deal lemme know. I want some. The last I got was shit.
7 years ago
did you know that the *PROPER* way of drinking absinthe is just either mixed with water or water on the rocks?
no sugar at all... that was only made up recently... and it was made to mask the taste/quality of shitty absinthe... the whole burning sugar on that spoknife thingy is just a new thing (i think from the last probably 50 years?)
if you got some good absinthe (and like the taste of very strong booze) drink it with water.. itll turn milk colored because of how the oils in the absinthe mix with the water
and yes.. its 100% hype they have done tons of scientific studies... that being said... so many people believe the whole wormwood thing so much that they literally do start acting weird... i know a lot of my friends who had absinthe did before... ahh the power of alcohol and imagination :P
7 years ago
I don't believe the hype of the crap. I just know I got some good stuff once and I got totally fucked up and half the group I was with excused themselves to go to the bathroom and passed out on the floor in the hall. It was a different type of intoxication than anything I have ever had before.

*shrug* Maybe it was just a mindset thing :-/
7 years ago
I got two special Ab glasses, and a slotted spoon on which you drip the sugar cube. Let theAb drip over into fresh cold water to see the cloud (fairy) form -Hemingway was rumored to have drank it straight, and it's like 100 proof.
7 years ago
not just rumored... he was a fucking lush and loved absinthe
7 years ago
I am sooooo not cleaning that up.
7 years ago
So I was with you the other night yak?
7 years ago
7 years ago
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