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Blob Jump World Record

LOL now thats some serious fucking air!


by yak

submitted July 28th 2011

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the blonde at 0:25 is hot
7 years ago
*the (female person who may possibly possess a viable reproductive organ) might possibly allow me to pretend that she wants me...in my dreams, at 0:25'

okay - anyway - drums you still a virgin?
7 years ago
I am most certainly not a virgin
7 years ago
How much was she?
7 years ago
she weighs probably like 120lbs or so
7 years ago
I hope you got the 80$ Sunday special.
7 years ago
Drawing eyes and a little mouth on your finger and thumb doesn't count drums.
7 years ago
I'd try that
7 years ago
reminds me of the water in the ancient land of the narth, ( i now live on the east coast of the north ) ,, damn those clear water with no fuckin poulluted shit
7 years ago