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A Tribute to The Wilhelm Scream

For all you film buffs out there.


by yak

submitted July 23rd 2011

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2:15... WTF is this from?
7 years ago
just has to be the holiday special.
7 years ago
lol @ the holiday specials..... they were so good/bad at the same time...
7 years ago
specials? there was only one afaik.
7 years ago
there were other ones.. like ewoks battle for endor and such
7 years ago
granted battle for endor was a made for tv movie, but neither was it released for the holidays (nov 24 1985) nor is it considered part of the star wars canon.
also battle for endor was nowhere near as ridiculous as the '78 holiday special.
damn, that shit had bea arthur for fucks sake, can't get much more ridiculous than that.
7 years ago
oh and @ smerf, it's the part of the holiday special where han and chewie fly to kashyyyk, the wookie planet, to spend 'life day' with chewies family and then suddenly get attacked by imperial troops who wanna spoil the festivities.....

no wonder lucas is still trying to hunt down all existing copies of that pile of garbage.
7 years ago
So who won, the good guys or Mel Gibson?
7 years ago
venture bros
aeon flux
episode 1
team america
a new hope
lethal weapon 4 ??
venture bros
hellboy ??
return of the jedi
sin city
batman returns
return of the king
howard the duck
family guy
raiders of the lost ark
holiday special
jurassic park 3 ??
toy story
temple of doom
wallace and gromit
no idea about this one
kill bill
two towers
no idea either
kill bill
drawn together

no google, bitches!

all in all, not a very good wilhelm compilation...

7 years ago
Wow, you really are a, I'm a loss for words.
7 years ago
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