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Lets try this again.

Fucking ducks!


by Sporty

submitted July 17th 2011

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well, hellooo phelsu
7 years ago
he's dead.

true story.
7 years ago
okay, i'll bite...
7 years ago
he overdosed on cheap smack while he was in jail.
7 years ago
^sez the rent-a-cop who sold it to him
7 years ago
i can neither confirm nor deny that.
7 years ago
its like a mucho game of clue
7 years ago
It was Mr. Mucho, in the closet, with the vasoline.

What do I win?
7 years ago
That's a bit of a bummer. I can think of at least 4 other Muchoers I'd rather see take the dirt nap before Phelsu.
7 years ago
really? i can only think of 2 ;/
7 years ago
but then again you didnt have to put up with him in chat.....
7 years ago
okay, confession time: i lied, he's not dead.

but he really is in rehab for like the bajillionth time. but he's sending his kindest regards and hopes that everybody on here is well.

confession time again: he wants all of you to die in horrible accidents.
his words, not mine. seriously.
7 years ago
wear a condom
7 years ago
7 years ago
recover password
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