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Extremely Excited Lesbians


OF COURSE one of them has greasy dreadlocks.. Fucking hippies..


by yak

submitted July 6th 2011

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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present.... Natural tits
6 years ago
Hi Natural Tits, welcome to mucho
6 years ago
is that a uterus tattoo on her arm?
6 years ago
i think shes got weird tattoos near her girlwang as well
6 years ago
wow hot dykes
6 years ago
They really seem to like what they're doing.
6 years ago
any idea how we should get peoples attention to the fact that as soon as people post new things they show up on the site in /new ? maybe something on the side?
6 years ago
is there another way to post since the sub button isn't working?
6 years ago
yea.. at the moment you can go to /submit
if you want to submit something.. warning... its not pretty but its functional..
if you are submitting an image make sure its .jpg .gif or .png if you are submitting a video make sure its .flv or .mp4 at the moment, i don't have any logic set up to really do much with other formats quite yet i just waned to get it working for base submissions first
if you post any of those things (make sure you post the pictures using the picture form etc) it will automatically show up.. if you dont.. well.. things might break ;)
6 years ago
works pretty okay, imho.
6 years ago
i need to have separate tabs or something to make it clear, as well as mime type checking, so someone cant accidentally submit a video as a picture and such, and i DEF need a progress bar for uploads (i'm uploading a 200 meg video right now and i have no idea how close it is to being done)
i also want a pop up type interface for people who are uploading big files (so the progress bar sits kind of in its own window and such) that way they don't have to open a new tab or window to keep browsing the site while it uploads
6 years ago
jesus, when did you get so ambitious?
6 years ago
its more a matter of doing shit right... and since i'm doing it myself i can guarantee things like that rather than have to say one thing and get delivered a steaming plate of shit (like in the current version of mucho).. or even past versions of mucho.. all of this shit was supposed to be how i wanted, but our dev/admin held us back, people are so useless :P
6 years ago
you sound bitter...
6 years ago
uh.. you think?
6 years ago
found it at the bottom forgot to check there. are you gona have a page where we can see incoming comments like before?
6 years ago
so i don't have to keep 10+ taps open
6 years ago
jesus, that's quite a waste of water/ beer.....
6 years ago
i didnĀ“t see a difference...lol
5 years ago
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