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Fountain Lover Ownage

Thats what you get for making out in public you fucks!


by yak

submitted July 20th 2010

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"Video stream not found"

man I can't wait til yak and deja get their new coleco vision server!
8 years ago
it takes a few minutes to sync.... works fine for me now...
i was posting late because my work computer died so i was setting up a new one today
8 years ago
wait, you have a "work computer"?...as in an actual job?...
*world-view in total chaoticness now *
8 years ago
hes got a mac mini
8 years ago
ive never owned a mac mini.. i wouldnt mind one..
8 years ago
Im confused too, yak has a job? yak if I donate will you ban all tiffany preston uploads?
8 years ago
If you actually bothered to make more than 21 comments in three years, people may just listen to you.
8 years ago
...then again, maybe not.
8 years ago
Dude is just mad that he aint gettin no action.
8 years ago
Yeah. What a dick. 'How dare they be happy?'
8 years ago
But his actions made other people happy. Maybe thousands of internet viewers. He is a humanitarian.
8 years ago
Gotta take the Utilitarian view on this one.
8 years ago
should have grabbed the bag on the way through
8 years ago
Were those two girls? If not, I'll kind of feel dirty.
8 years ago
How deep is that thing? They totally disappeared into it.
8 years ago
8 years ago
heh! one year later and this is still the best comment, good job, bird-boy!
7 years ago
funny how "hubris" is the same word in german
6 years ago
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