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Jesus was way cool

no wonder there are so many christians


by ConsumptionMayCause

submitted July 16th 2010

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You know it's REALLY hard to watch this with a fucking "Xtrasize's natural penis enlargement formula" advert to the right ...
8 years ago
^unless you happen to be hetero
8 years ago
That's Jesus sending you a message saying he is sorry for his dad giving you a small dick.
8 years ago
Coming from a redneck this means a lot to me
8 years ago
I can't tell if this is satire.
8 years ago
^ a witch!
8 years ago
I don't think it was, but it totally should have been.
7 years ago
for fucks sake this shit was sooooo not worth necroing

i would thank jesus i missed this when it was posted but the fucking asshole got me back
7 years ago
I can relate to that. I was the most athletic kid in elementry school and all the other kids enveyed me and disliked me for it.
8 years ago
Kali is way cooler.
8 years ago
They don't make jews like jesus anymore.
8 years ago
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