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Barney and Friends

You can actually see the foundation shift with the slam.


by Snarf

submitted July 12th 2010

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I like it when girls throw each other around by the hair. It makes me laugh.
8 years ago
like the tittle, that girl that got thrown against the wall got her ass beat lol
8 years ago
8 years ago
shut up
8 years ago
Please. Let's let 50 million more of them into the country.
8 years ago
We need more fights.
8 years ago
50 mil more? Ummm, I'm pretty sure they're already here. Just ask Wal-Mart, every hotel corp, mega farming operations, etc. for their cleaning/farming employee records. Big business loves illegals: cheap labor, no benefits expenses, no unemployment, no pensions contributions, no minimum wage, no unions... it's like off-shoring inshore.

You want to end illegal immigration then you get tough with those who are willing to ignore the very real fact that their employees are working for pennies because they're not documented. That's the real solution, but everyone panders to the corporate interests because lobbying has become the real true power in U.S. elections.

When you find you have a nest of ants who are forming lines into your pantry and back do you kill each ant, or shut down the food supply? Idiots choose the former, unless it's to their advantage, then they still choose the former, only, they're not idiots.
8 years ago
Just like the old days when we started building this country.
8 years ago
Grimace can't fight for shit....and I like how excited the dude was getting about everyone filming it.
8 years ago
You'd think the fat girl would have just used her weight to crush her opponent.
8 years ago
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