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Drinking Game Fail

Ahhhh stupid drunk sluts....


by yak

submitted July 12th 2010

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the only fail is that she still has her panties on
6 years ago
agreed, and she needs to be showing off some titty
6 years ago
one dood 3 girls, any ideas?
6 years ago
"They all take the strap-on to you" is a pretty good game.
6 years ago
You would know, you being champion strap-on taker.
6 years ago
He can't even pull his shorts up. This is care in the community
6 years ago
I attended 3 different colleges, and partied at every one in the state. Never saw any drinking games like this. My how things have changed...I think I'll go back to school.
6 years ago
because all the parties you went to only had guys
6 years ago
I'd drink it out of her snatch.
6 years ago
from the great minds that brought you "bottle the bitch",
here's "floor the floozy"!
fun and exitement for up to six players
(poker chips not included)
6 years ago
so what was 1guy1jar playing?
6 years ago
oh, he wasn't playing...
6 years ago
Fat bitch, you broke my poker table
6 years ago
Thats what happens when you buy cheap shit made in asia. If a table cannot support 300 lbs, I am not interested.
6 years ago
is that how much your dad weighs?
6 years ago
6 years ago
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