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Ruskie Regret

I think the last few words were russian for "i dont wanna go to jail"


by Snarf

submitted July 12th 2010

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I have a Russian friend that told me you're ok to fight over there but if you break the guys nose or his jaw or worse you're fucked legally.
8 years ago
the largest settlement to date for a russian fight lawsuit was 2 cases of vodka
8 years ago
I meant jail time.
8 years ago
the largest bribe to date to get out of a russian jail was 1 bottle of vodka and an amc gremlin
8 years ago
thats probably believeable , i mean Lada's are sort after in Russia whereas the AMC would be worthless junk
8 years ago
This is MMA at its purest! you people recognize!
8 years ago
I don't remember much hair pulling in MMA...then again, isn't everyone bald?
8 years ago
He got knocked the fuck out!
8 years ago
you must not have watched that final kick... that broke his neck, arms went strait out and head was twisted sideways. Starting into convolutions that dumb ass kid realized hes holding on to a dead man.

Hope they all kissed their mother good bye.
8 years ago
Nonsense. That kid ain't dead. Looks worse than it actually was.
7 years ago
I love the freek out @ the end
8 years ago
I thought they were just playing around at first. Why did dude let him take off his shirt? He could have ended it right there.
8 years ago
Why in the fuck can't people hold a camera properly?
8 years ago
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