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Pimp Slap From Hell

The sucker pun-slap was kind of a bitch move though.


by GimmieAFreshie

submitted July 9th 2010

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Best phrase:

"Better take that medication"
8 years ago
wtf was that
8 years ago
niggers. thats what..
8 years ago
that rap is a hit my man, yo yo.
8 years ago
i sure hope this guy does not think he is a bad ass. he is a pussy ass sucker puncher and should be shot
8 years ago
the other guy did bitch out and walk away too

2 fags
8 years ago
it's hard to start fighting if you just got sucker punched. your legs go wobbly and there's no adrenaline built up yet.. it just takes the fight out of you sometimes...
8 years ago
yeah so was walking away like that.
8 years ago
Looks like dude hates rap as much as me.
And that was a nice neighborhood too.
8 years ago
Gonna ago and get a gun. Be another dead nigger in the hood tonight.
8 years ago
That wasn't the hood.
8 years ago
He was just trying to provide a beat...
8 years ago
And his homecheese was just applying the hook..
Was the the detroit zoo?
8 years ago
that nigga be hatn!
8 years ago
Well, at first!
It wasn`t a sucker-punch at all, just a bitch-slap!
8 years ago
Well, wasnt a back-hand either, so its a pimp slap...
8 years ago
str8 briggs.
7 years ago
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