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Awesome animation.


by NixonsGhost

submitted July 3rd 2010

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Modern warfare would be much more interesting if they used paint ball guns
8 years ago
in war no one wins, that's what the meaning of this video was
8 years ago
Wars are not won by dying for your country there won by making the other poor bastards dye for theres.
8 years ago
*country. They're
8 years ago
I was going to mention that 'die' should perhaps have been used instead of 'dye'. But given the context of this video, I suppose it's fine as is… and maybe that was the joke?
8 years ago
smerf, you have a real problem with their, there and they're, when people misuse it. I've noticed that in the past.
8 years ago
It's true. I tried counseling for it, but talking about it only made me hate it more.
8 years ago
their they're smerf everything'll be alright
8 years ago
8 years ago
Do they have paintball gernades?
8 years ago
nope but the have paint air strikes.
8 years ago
they* :D
8 years ago
Good thing you corrected that befor smerf got back from the bathroom to resume siting on the computer for another 6 hours.

Awww fuck there is an e on befor? Here we go again..
8 years ago
Ya... There is paintball grenades.. Also paintball landmines...
8 years ago
christ....just enjoy the fucking video and try not to look too deep into it. This is MS for shits sake!
8 years ago
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