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Alittle Justice

Who has thier chick film them fighting. She sounded like this wasnt the first time either.


by Snarf

submitted July 3rd 2010

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faggot can't take a punch but he sure can take a dick like a man
8 years ago
Drums you sure are angry tonight. There was no dick in this vid. Now I know you wish there was, but what's eating you (besides another man?)
8 years ago
I do believe this is a repost
8 years ago
even a broken clock is right twice a day
8 years ago
My brother-in-law is like that. He's huge and you wouldn't want him to get a hold of you but if you land one like this guy just did, he'll go down like a ton of bricks.
8 years ago
Agree, but cheap shots are always disappointing. I mean who can't you put down with a good shot when they don't know it's coming?
8 years ago
Once a fight starts anything goes. Not like there is a 2 min no punching rule....
8 years ago
Yeah, but you can face each other put your dukes up and have it out. There was a good one on here a month ago with a black and white guys and they were pretty well matched, no dirty shit or cheap shots and the white guy lost after a couple of good minutes and the fight was over and done. No jumping on him after he was down, just respect for how the fight went. That's a real fight.
8 years ago
Was the video in black and white? Cause thats not how shit happens anymore, man. I know, hard to believe, right?
8 years ago
There is a nerve mid ways down behind the jawbone & if it even bumped lights out fucker!!!
8 years ago
Now only if the Winner fights a Nigger!
7 years ago
STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
what do you mean yak, the commenting on old shit?
7 years ago
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