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Accident in India

I think they're still trying to figure out what happened


by buster-guts

submitted July 2nd 2010

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Definitely lupus
7 years ago
Bus simplex
7 years ago
The guy from Mission Impossible? Yeah, he could easily fuck up a bunch of camel jockies like that.
7 years ago
7 years ago
I think he's gonna lose that leg. Just a guess, though...
7 years ago
well your wrong, with stem cell technology we could regrow a new leg
7 years ago
Haha! Stem cell technology in India. Good one.
7 years ago
scrape that shit up..youre blocking traffic
7 years ago
scooters arent toys kids.The kid on the side of the road was probably there resting.
some cheery pie sounds good bout now
7 years ago
holy crap...*cherry
7 years ago
I liked Cheery pie better. Imagine:
Cut to hospital room, Cue music...
Enter Doctor Kanagasapapathy
Doctor Kanagasapapathy: You no look so happy. Ah yoo sad becoz yoo lose yoo leg?
Patient Arumugarajah: Yes Dr, I sad becoz I lose my leg.
Doctor Kanagasapapathy: Aww, too bad. Heah, have some CHEERY PIE!
Patient Arumugarajah: Oooh! I not sad no moah! Yay!

Cue music, fade to black...
7 years ago
Shut up you fat fuck.
7 years ago
Fuck the water. Where's the whiskey?
7 years ago
that'll teach em for driving like complete morons
7 years ago
the kids crossing the street were in practice for their driving license but forgot that you need something larger to make said license valid
7 years ago
reminds me of what happened to maradonna yesterday.
7 years ago
somebody has bad karma
7 years ago
teach you not to ride motorcycles between trucks.
7 years ago
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