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Star Trek

Dubbed over.


by s0nn3

submitted June 30th 2010

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8 years ago
8 years ago
+20 team lazy
8 years ago
its still funny... to me at least.
8 years ago
I might have watched it if it was like this.
8 years ago
hahahahaha that is some funny shit

"ever scratch yourself until you have a whole in your bag?"
8 years ago
8 years ago
pretty funny. fuck star trek though, Star Wars rules!
8 years ago
fuck both, Cthulu mythos wins.

this vid makes me want to ytmnd
8 years ago
How dare you downgrade William Shatner's acting ability.
8 years ago
And our beloved Mucho Captain.
8 years ago
fuck em both
8 years ago
This sucked balls. I want to see the one where they kill wesely and picard fucks dr crusher.
8 years ago
I thought that was every episode?
8 years ago
picard usually fucks a weasly crush fuck
8 years ago
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