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if someone slips.......



by cold

submitted June 28th 2010

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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The idiot taping should have fell in the fire.
Rule#1. Always hold camera steady.
Rule#2. Never worry about your friend, or anyone in serious danger. Never mind them, just hold the camera steady for us and keep rolling.
Rule #3. Never stop rolling until we get some good aftermath footage.
Follow those simple rules and you can get your self a good interwebs video. Until then, don't bother recording.
8 years ago
muchosucko SOP? I'm all for it
8 years ago
Agree on all counts your honor. Fire death to the cameraman. Although I did like how he said "They end up in the fiiiiurr."
8 years ago
Yes, he emphasized the word fire very nicely.
8 years ago
hahahahahahahahaha pwned
8 years ago
I've never been camping where this didn't happen at least once.
8 years ago
Let's assume for a second that he managed to jump over the fire not IN the fire. What would it have been good for?
8 years ago
Now his clothes are going to smell like smoke.
8 years ago
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