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Big Boob prank


Funny Prank


by VodkaRules

submitted June 20th 2010

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The sound effects on this are awesome.
7 years ago
sounds exactly like someone's playing donkey kong country
7 years ago
these are always funny
7 years ago
this show just tapes fake reactions... like operation repo
7 years ago
I hate that show. I like American Pickers a lot though.
7 years ago
Pawn Stars bores the fuck out of me.
7 years ago
I'm going to start a new show on Mucho called Pwn Stars.
7 years ago
A spin off of Pun Stars?
7 years ago
Those guys must have been cheesing to see some rockin' tits like that.
7 years ago
Mucho has 666 facebook friends!!
7 years ago
667 now, neighbour of the beast.

also yak already pointed it out.

7 years ago
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