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Oh the 80's.........


Wow total flash back!


by ChristyLane

submitted June 17th 2010

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The girl at 2:30 is so hot.

But what's with all the animal sounds in this vid? That's just weird.
7 years ago
Yeah, she was really hot.
7 years ago
I'm sooo glad I started spinning webs in the nineties.
7 years ago
That's a funny name you have for taking a facial...
7 years ago
He-man at 2:43.
7 years ago
Vice City is the nearest to the 80's you'll get now
7 years ago
certain parts of the south still retain some of the 80's
7 years ago
so do certain parts of eastern germany.
7 years ago
and of fries mum.
7 years ago
Certain parts of the south still retain some of the 1880s.
7 years ago
Liverpool is the epitome of the 80's
7 years ago
Oh...and Frank Sidebottom RIP
7 years ago
Fuck Frank Sidebottom, the annoying twat
7 years ago
To be honest Kent is very much stuck in the 80's
7 years ago
Frank Sidebottom was very 80's
7 years ago
best porn music today.
7 years ago
Oh Susie by Secret Service.
7 years ago
I think Juice Newton has a lawsuit should she choose
7 years ago
Gloria, I think I want your number...
6 years ago
Sweet soundtrack.

Also, 13:11
4 years ago
Lots of good girls in those days. No shaving. Yummy.
1 year ago
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