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Pig'in Out Tonight

Fun guy to hang out with. Killing pigs in a rice field at night with a spear. He said if you want to kill pigs at night in Louisiana you have to ask the all knowing nanny government for permission and you have to prove that they are eating the crap out of your rice. You must also stand on your head and repeat "Ohwa Tafoo Liam" 3 times.... In Texas you just have to let the local game warden know you are killing pigs tonight so he doesn't think you are shooting deer.


by Steff-Chan

submitted June 11th 2010

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i was waiting for '3rd pig was not small, ate my foot'
8 years ago
reminds me of the paris hilton sextape, the only difference is that I could come to this one.
8 years ago
Huh, so that's what a stuck pig squeals like.
8 years ago
put some shoes on. jesus.
8 years ago
Now thats a mofo I wouldnt not want to meet in a dark alley. He gets the hardass of the month award.
8 years ago
Now boys and girls, this is a redneck.
8 years ago
Funny, I would have called him a hick
8 years ago
No bro, this is your everyday, run of the mill coon ass.
8 years ago
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