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Old School


It's like Charlie Chaplin


by cheekycov

submitted June 5th 2010

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By the time you get all those clothes off, you'd loose your hardon.
8 years ago
from the thumb,it looked like stankcinasty's avitard.
thats some pretty hardcore shit for 1913
8 years ago
Nope. Ima callin bullshit on this. Modern, made to look old. Fuckin' Froggies.
8 years ago
finger in the ass, titty fucking, lesbians ... it does seem a bit advanced for the time but every time I see one of these old pornos it never fails to surprise me at how much things have stayed the same
8 years ago
well if it is "bullshit" then they have set a record for how much money has ever been spent on a porno movie. they paid to have an city scenes with everyone dressed up in the 20's along with old cars and old buildings. which by the way everone is looking at the camera. probably just part of the re-enactment of an old speaky film. not because people are confused by the strange box recording. plus you know how big of a market there is for 1920's style porno.
8 years ago
Ha ha ha ha ha
8 years ago
jesus hotshot, mankind has been playing around with its naughty bits for thousands of years, you really think ass play and stuff like that didnt exist before internet-porn?
8 years ago
Seemed like clumsy lovers to me.
8 years ago
the fuck was that all about...
8 years ago
It's called sex fries. This is how your grandparents used to do it.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Actually that was Fries mum checking that blokes prostate
8 years ago
Granny and Gramps must have been wealthy to have had a maid.
8 years ago
Two of the lads on the coach coming back the the artillery were talking about how much they dont like thair maids.

I was like, for fuck sake, who actually has maids anymore? southern cunts.
8 years ago
This was more entertaining than most porn.
8 years ago
Hottest porn I've seen in ages
4 years ago
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