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It's his hammer


by ConsumptionMayCause

submitted June 1st 2010

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I'd watch this all day long.
8 years ago
I am surprised there was nothing about Mark M, www.sickanimation.com is where to see this dudes stuff. It's really slowed down in frequency of released stuff, but the older stuff is still gold.
8 years ago
If this is any indication of the future of his work, he should quit. Because this was fucking lame.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Jimmy Two Times?
8 years ago
funny, i kicked some black guy out of the club I work at for calling me a nigger. I said "hey man, if you are gonna go racist, at least do it right. I am not a nigger - I am a guido or a wop so come back next week and you can try again."
8 years ago
STFU wop.
8 years ago
Sicilians were spawned by niggers.
8 years ago
El_wanko has it right and yes urkelbot I DO know my world history. Speaking of history, how is your skank mother?
8 years ago
*Mjölner or maybe Mjöllnir, niggah.
8 years ago
Fuck you.
8 years ago
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