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ugly tattoo


makes her barf. i hate tattoos, they make everyone look gay, even girls


by naggo

submitted May 31st 2010

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who said you could eat my cookies
8 years ago
Mickey Rourke's on my television right now... man, he should've kept up with that steroid/HGH cycle of his.

Arnold did steroids too, in case you were wondering about relevance.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Same thing made me laugh this time around. The gag sound at 00:12. haha.
8 years ago
arnies not having it
8 years ago
why would a guy that fat and out of shape get a tat of arnold?
8 years ago
I'd be like, I'm not cleaning that up bitch.
8 years ago
That bitch can't take dick at all.
8 years ago
You should teach her.
How do you like it asshole?
8 years ago
haha, you just got tooled.
8 years ago
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