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Teaching Armageddon in School

I can easily imagine religious assholes doing this.


by TiredGuy

submitted May 26th 2010

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in the 70s, we had that catchy "duck-and-cover" tune, with related video, drilled into us two or three times a year...tool? nix? anyone else?
8 years ago
I was young, but I do remember the duck and cover films in school.
8 years ago
Must have been the very early 70s because I don't remember it and I started in 1975...
8 years ago
I started school in 66.
8 years ago
old dude
8 years ago
I'm cathlic, so when I die, I'm going to have a boner with a young boy by my side. Probably my stepson.
8 years ago
Why wait?
8 years ago
Onion is getting boring.
8 years ago
They can't all be gems.
8 years ago
skin melting nuclear bombs....sounds like a good way to go
8 years ago
sounds like a kfc appetizer
8 years ago
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