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Japanese slavery


I hate the pixels


by Squidley

submitted May 23rd 2010

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What? They seriously blurred the cuffs?
8 years ago
Yet they won't blur puke or shit. Go figure.
8 years ago
Cuffs are very offensive, and I agree with the blurring of them.

All it takes is a young boy to see those cuffs, and he'll start associating cuffs with sex, and then that thought will fester in his brain, until one day a wakes up a pervert with a nipple-ring.

Now if that same boy were to see some shitting, pissing, or puking vid, he'll most certainly develope at least a mild fecal-fetish, and we know for a fact there's no harm in that at all.

On a related note, fuck you Whunu!
8 years ago
On a more related note, STFU and don't reply to my threads.
8 years ago
Or what, ya keyboard jerk-off?

...Ya, that's right - I didn't think so, bitch!
8 years ago
I know that girl!! her name is sushi.
8 years ago
That was the strangest porno I've ever watched.
8 years ago
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