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Well trained Toy Poodle

::insert dik joker here::


by -Morph-

submitted May 23rd 2010

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ahhh you crazy whitefolk and your rock n roll 8 tracks
7 years ago
8 track ? fuck you , we have vinyl now
7 years ago
pshh you guys are so far behind. I got a tape player i CAAN WALK AROUND WITH>
7 years ago
thats the instrument of the devil
7 years ago
I'd get it.
7 years ago
wheres this 'dik' joke then ?
7 years ago
Those weren't silly Americans this time.
7 years ago
well that was oddly amusing/disgusting.
7 years ago
7 years ago
not that well trained really , it should have had the kettle on and made a cup of tea
7 years ago
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